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2024 Art Contest

Your submission will show up within 24 hours.

Art Contest & Exhibition

An art contest that celebrates the importance of creativity and a healthy lifestyle

expressed through art. To submit contest art work.

Please contact or scroll down to fill out the entry form.

Art Contest Awards Ceremony at the Rosemead Center

Art Contest Exhibition at The Gilb Museum of Arcadia Heritage

Art Contest Gallery

2018 AC book图片3.png
2018 AC book图片5.png

Art contest and exhibition is to express the visions of eco-awareness and healthy living.

Certificate Recipients




  Entry Forms - Please contact or text 626-780-6080

U.S. Senate Award (Dianne Feinstein)

2018 AC book图片14.png
2018 AC book图片15.png

U.S. Senate Award (Kamala D. Harris)

2018 AC book图片16.png
2018 AC book图片17.png

1st District Award


IMG_0112 (1).JPG

28th Congressional Award

Screen Shot 2023-08-27 at 9.38.15 AM.png
2018 AC book图片6.png
2018 AC book图片7.png

22nd Senate Award

2018 AC book图片10.png
2018 AC book图片11.png

49th Assembly District Award

2018 AC book图片13.png
2018 AC book图片12.png

Mayor Award

2018 AC book图片12.png
2018 AC book图片13.png

39th District Award

2018 AC book图片8.png
2018 AC book图片9.png
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